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Facts and Specs

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About Me

An Aerospace Engineer Goes Blockchain!

Hi, my name is Patrick and I am the administration of [AERO] , a community stake pool serving the Cardano Network. I am an aerospace engineer by education and profession. I am involved in systemsimulations and Computational Fluid Dynamics, through which I gathered extensive experience in high performance cluster administration.

I am around in crypto since early 2017 but only the Cardano project and the community  draw me in on participating in the network. The academics and research focused approach felt the most natural to me and the objective of delivering a well thought out and tested platform for real-world crypto applications amazed me immediately. Therefore, I decided to contribute to the cardano project and its community by improving decentralisation.

I live and work in Germany and operate [AERO] from my own home with dedicated bare metal servers.

How I want to improve the Cardano Ecosystem

My Take On Things

A powerful physical core node and relay add value to the network with further increase of decentralisation. Cloud VMs are used for improved latency whereas geographically separated bare-metal servers guarantee uptime even in the case of ISP problems through implemented failover systems. In this way I believe I am optimistic on providing optimal uptime and reliability.

So do we! The cardano core node is  developed initialy for UNIX systems, and that’s why I’m running the core node and relays on the latest Ubuntu LTS distribution. Operating in headless mode increases security. 

The core node is located in Germany. All relay nodes are either cloud based on server sites in Europe or bare metal servers in Germany. Safety critical keys and files are never exposed to the internet. Multiple backups and transaction signing on air-gapped hardware ensures pool integrity.

Staking key points

Why should I stake my ADA?

The networks security lays in your hands

The more ADA is delegated to pools, the safer the Cardano ecosystem becomes. Pool operators build the backbone of cardano and you give them a voice with your stake. You can also help decentralise the network as much as possible by delegating to community pools.

Staking is 100% safe

Your ADA never leaves your wallet nor does anybody other than you have access to your funds. Not the stake pool, Charles Hoskinson or Satoshi Nakamoto. Therefore, you stay in control of your funds, no matter what. Even if the pool is down or hijacked by an adversary. There is also no such thing as getting penalized for pool downtime (I am looking at you Eth2.0…!).

Full flexibility

Wanna spend your staked ADA? Sure, go ahead! No funds are “locked” up with the stake pool (I am looking at you again Eth2.0…). You can access any ADA at any given point in time and spend it on your favorite unnecassary stuff… 😉

“[…] push power to the edges, and build systems that are equally fair for the least amongst us, not the greatest amongst us.”

– Charles Hoskinson
Founder and CEO of IOHK

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